A considerable stir has been created in Whitehaven by the conduct of Mr. John HODGSON - the man of "facts and figures" - as chairman of the annual vestry meeting which was held there last week.
    Mr. HODGSON, it seems, behaved in a way which has created general indignation. He was impatient of contridiction, personal in his remarks to those who had the audacity to differ from him in opinion, abusive and at times incoherent.
    Mr. John PEARSON he labelled as "Father PEARSON; Mr. PEARSON's heir he designated "Son PEARSON" and Mr. Thomas BOWMAN - the eminent reformer, in respect fo ship management - he called "Brother BOWMAN."
    On being taken to task for travelling out of the path which chairman at public meetings generally walk in, Mr. HODGSON became exceedingly noisy and roared like a bull of Bashan. Of course the meeting took its cue from the chairman; and, altogether, the assembly was about as disorderly a one as ever been seen in Whitehaven - which by the way is saying a very great deal.
    While it is impossible to excuse the behaviour of Mr. HODGSON, and while nothing would justify the personalities in which that gentleman indulged; it is equally impossible for anyone  acquainted with them to regret that last week the contemptible clique of no-bodies, of which Messrs. PEARSON and BOWMAN are prominent members, received a snubbing which they richly merited. Of all men in the world Mr. PEARSON and Mr. BOWMAN have probably the least right to complain of the shabby conduct of anybody, when the fact is taken into consideration that they are continually playing the part of Sir Oracle without the slightest pretention  to the title, and that they have not the least consideration for anybody's feelings but their own. They are in the habit of making use of language themselves which is in the highest degree offensive and objectionable, and are two unmitigated public nuisances. Such.......
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