Revival services are being held in the Primitive Methodist Chapel at Crosby nightly, by Mr. Joseph JOHNSTON, of Carlisle, Home Mission Revivalist; assisted by Messrs. SHARP, TIFFIN and other friends from the surrounding district. The meetings have been of a very successful character.
    The adjourned meeting of the creditors of the above named debtors was held last Saturday at the office of Mr. W. PAISLEY, solicitor, Workington; Mr. T. DIXON was in the chair. A number of questions having been put to the debtors, it was proposed by the chairman, and seconded by Mr. MULCASTER, St. Helen's Colliery Company, that the estate be liquidated by arrangement. An amendment to the contrary was moved by Mr. JOHNSTON (GRAHAM, ANDERSON Company), and seconded by Mr. W. JOHNSTONE, joiner. The amendment was carried. The proceedings have therefore fallen through.
    A correspondent writes: -
    A rather singular scene occurred at a "Home Mission" meeting held in the courthouse on Saturday evening last. During the service an man is a state of intoxification got up and said, "I want to tell you my experience." Some person sitting near him interfered with a view of keeping the man quiet, but he persisted in talking, and proceeding in informing the audience that "The Lord gives and the Lord tak's away." There was a laugh at this and the man addressing the audience said, "You needn't laugh; it is perfectly true what the man has said; and I wish the Lord would take him out of this."
    Another individual jumped up and exclaimed, "You will all know me; I am Lanky Jim." This valuable item of information was immediately followed by a third individual starting up and saying, " If I were to tell you my experience it would take me til this time next year." I hev sum terrible strife wid the divel. He cums till me and plagues me terribly sometimes and guess what I till him?"
    There was no response on the part of the audience, and a most profound silence prevailed. "Says I," the man continued, "I'll tell Jesus o' you, divel." It is needless to say that these addresses were not by any means calculated to sustain the gravity of those who were present, or improve the services in any way.