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    The Standard Paris Correspondent writes: -
    That rare sight in Republican France, the infliction of capital punishment, was witnessed at Versailles on Friday morning by a concourse of some twelve hundred persons.
    The culprit was Pierre LANTZ, whose crime, the murder of his father, was committed as far back as the fifteenth of December 1880. The trial took place at the Paris Court of Assize, on the 7th of September 1881, having been delayed some months in consequence of the illness of the prisoner's counsel.
    LANTZ was then found guilty and sentenced to death, but, in consequence of some informality in the proceedings the judgment was quashed by the Court of Cassation, and the prisoner had to be tried and convicted a second time at Versailles. For more than a year he has been in prison, not knowing whether each day might be his last, or whether President GREVY might decide to grant a reprieve.
    In France a prisoner under the sentence of death is never apprised of the time of execution until the dawn of the fatal day. It was therefore only that morning at five o'clock, that LANTZ was informed by the Director of the Prison that is last hour was come. The chaplain and the executioner then entered the cell, and after the prisoner was dressed and had drunk a glass of brandy, he was conducted to the executioner's cart, in which the party were conveyed to the place where the guillotine was erected, which is just outside the town, on the edge of a large wood.
    A large crowd had assembled. A battalion of artillery and two troops of cuirassiers were on guard. The condemned man approached the scaffold barefoot, wearing the black veil of the parricide, and a long white shirt. On ascending the scaffold the veil was removed and after casting a brief glance on the guillotine he fixed his gaze on the crowd, who were perfectly silent. After an embrace by the priest, the culprit's neck was placed under the blade, which at once fell, the head tumbling into a pail and the body rolling into a basket. The remains were immediately placed in a coffin and conveyed, escorted by the gen...
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