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    A meeting in support of Mr. BRADLAUGH's claims to his seat will be held at St. James Hall on the 10th of May, and in Trafalgar-square on the same day. There is also to be a demonstration in Hyde Park on Sunday, May 14th, to be attended by delegates from all parts of the country.
    The Marquis of Salisbury writing to the Secretary of the Grimsby Conservative Club, acknowledges the receipt of a resolution of confidence, and adds, "I believe that the approval expressed by your club on the recent action of the House of Lords coincides with the opinion generally entertained, and that the attack made upon that assembly by the Prime Minister has not met with any support from the Country."
Owing to exceptional circumstances, Her Majesty's birthday this year will be celebrated in England on Saturday, the 3rd of June. In all other places Her Majesty's birthday is to be kept, as usual, on the 24th of May.
    The "Daily News" New york correspondent telegraphed on Friday: -
    The tide of immigration for the year has fairly begun. All the indications point to unprecedentedly large arrivals. The total for March is 42,743, against 28,908 for March last year. There were over 19,000 Germans, nearly 4,000 Irish, 9,700 English, 1,000 Scotch, nearly 3,400 Scandinavians, and over 4,000 Italians.
    The proportion from all countries are the same as last year, except as regards Italians. The general character of all arrivals is unusually good. They bring money enough to take them West and buy houses. The large number of Italian labourers arriving has already started  the question whether it may not be necessary to exclude them next for the same reason as the Chinese. They work cheap, live on less than American labourers, and are hired in gangs like the Chinese.
    All the steamship companies say they are sending to Europe an unusually large number of prepaid steerage tickets. The Irish Immigration Society say they sent $99,000 this way in December.