CONISTON TRAGEDY.
    A doctor - one of a party of three experienced climbers, was killed, and his woman and male companions were injured badly when their rope broke on Sunday evening, on the 175ft Dow Crag, near Coniston, they had crashed into a precipice.
    The dead man was Dr. John Stratton BROGDON, age 32, radiologist at Hartlepool Hospital, of Brougham Terrace, Hartlepool.
    The injured are Miss. Vera BROWN, aged 37, French mistress at Tottenham County School, of Baronet-road, Tottenham, N.
    Mr. H. W. TILMAN, aged 34, coffee planter in Kenya, on a visit to his parents at Grove-road, Wallasey, Cheshire.
    While a strong wind and a blinding rain were sweeping the mountain, the party were climbing Easter Gully, one of the five gullies on Dow Crag, forming part of the range of hills that include Wetherlam and Coniston Old Man. Their rope broke and the three crashed into the precipice.
    Dr. BROGDON, who was apparently killed instantly, and Miss. BROWN fell on a ledge, and Mr. TILMAN, lay unconscious  for some time. He was the least seriously injured, and he managed to struggle for four hours in the dark to Coniston - a journey of four miles, normally taking an hour or so - for help.
    Local climbers, police and villagers with lanterns and ropes started out searching the mountain side in the gale to find Miss. BROWN and the doctor's body.
    When the rescue party reached the crag, Mr. J. C. APPLEYARD, secretary of the Fell and Rock Climbing Club, made a perilous ascent in darkness. He drew up improvised stretchers and let down the body of Dr. BROGDON and then the injured woman.
    The walk back to the village across the mountain side was covered in a howling gale, and was not ended until early on Monday morning.
    Mr. TILMAN and Miss. BROWN were both too badly injured to attend the inquest, which was formally opened at Coniston on Monday afternoon and then adjourned.