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Housing Revelations at
        Cleator Moor.
    Cleator Moor Magistrates gave five tenants of small houses periods ranging from three to six weeks to give up possession, at the Police court on Friday.
    Four were on the grounds or arrears of rent, but complaints by neighbours went against a Cleator defendant.
    A witness said her house was invaded by bugs and the smell from defendant's yard was most objectionable; while the rent collector said, " I noticed a heavy smell in the house as though it wanted a woman to clean it."
    The man alleged that the proceedings were a plot to obtain an extra 1s 6d a week from the succeeding tenant.
    The Chairman: What about the live stock coming through the walls? (Laughter) - if it comes to that it is in the whole row.
    The Court was rather surprised when it was disclosed that a Frizington tenant owed £58 10s  2d arrears of rent. He had been in the house 17 years and has six children.
    Giving him six weeks to get out, the Chairman said, "You have been asking for it." Notice to quit had been given four times.