Distington Woman Finds His Body.
    A fatal step by a 67 year old bachelor while he was engaged in removing articles from his lonely home led to an inquest being held at Distington yesterday, Tuesday, by Major W. T. HIGHET, Deputy Coroner.
    The body was that of James COWAN, who was found lying dead in the house, 1, Sunny brow, two days after he had gone to live with friends at Hill Crest, on medical advice.
    Evidence of identification was given by Mrs. Elizabeth STEDMAN, Barrow-in-Furness, a sister of the deceased.
    Mrs. Hannah BUTLER, of 8, Hill Crest, said that COWAN went to live with her as recently as Saturday last. He had previously lived alone at 1, Sunny Brow. On Sunday night he expressed his intention to get up early the following morning to clean out the house he had vacated. He had gone before witness got up at 6-15.
    Mrs. PENRICE, 3, Sunny Brow, described how she discovered the tragedy. Early Monday morning, she said, that she went to the back door of No. 1 and called out, "Have you got all away, Jim?" Witness then noticed a hand sticking out from behind the door and called her son, who found COWAN was dead. Witness added that she did not hear the man fall.
    P. C. FERNE said that he found deceased lying with his head against a door, face downwards, at the foot of the steep stairs. There was a mattress at the top of the stairs, and it appeared that he had been trying to turn it. Witness expressed an opinion that COWAN had been suffocated after he fell. There was no marks of violence.
    The Coroner said the suggestion made by the Constable was probably right, and returned a verdict of "Accidental Death."